Perfect Invention for All the Bad Parallel Parkers

They had that in some cars back in 50s (it was a fifth wheel) its not new but it is cool. I think my honey needs this when she learns to

February 8, 2017 0

Crazy Fast Drone

That thing sounds way cooler than anything on Star Wars. But there is a chance that video is speeded up x2. Anyway this drone is unrealy fast and sounds strange.

February 1, 2017 0

Modern Polish Wood Cutter

Polish technologies are developing very rapidly. For example on the video you can see modern saw: tractor + cutted wheel disk. Source: Tomasz Sakrajda

January 18, 2017 0

Lego Train Going Through Entire House & Garden

A man built a 50 meter toy railroad through the whole house and garden. Train with GoPro on it got a realy cool video. Looks awesome, but the cost of this

January 15, 2017 0

Honda Presented Riding Assist On CES 2017

Honda debut on CES 2017 in Canada was impressive. They have found a way to get rid of bikers from their clumsiness, presenting a conceptual self-balancing motorcycle. Its Riding Assist technology reduces the

January 10, 2017 0

Homemade 360 Swing

What a ride, with just 25kg counter weight you can swing until you feel sick. Towering 9.5m above the ground with nothing to stop you falling of is not for

August 12, 2016 0

Exploding piano

What could be better than playing the piano? This instrument is an excellent source of pleasure and fulfilment and can provide a deep sense of satisfaction. And what about the explosion

August 10, 2016 0

Amazing 3D optical illusions

This Japanese professor Kokichi Sugihara makes amazing 3D optical illusions. Sculptures don’t involve magnets or invisible wires. They play with optical perceprion. Source: Entertainment World Unlimited

August 9, 2016 0
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